Two years ago, I didn’t know what Pilates was let alone ever think that I would still be attending Pilate’s Reformer classes today. The turning point for me was I was introduced to Carmel by my friend Geri telling me that Pilates was something that I could handle and why not give it a try! She assured me that Carmel was highly trained Pilate’s Instructor and I would feel very comfortable in her class.

At 63years being over weight my dress size 24, I felt so embarrassed about squeezing into those tight black gym pants, I couldn’t find some to fit so for my first session I chose loose fitting baggy pants and a large t-shirt to cover everything. I felt like chickening out but thought nothing ventured and I had everything to gain.

I can honestly say, I struggled, huffed, puffed, sweat pouring and forget that Table Top position! What stomach muscles! Getting up off the floor! Carmel HELP! I was exhausted after 20 minutes. I did persevere and it was tough, I felt muscles I never knew existed and as the weeks, months and first year went by I had gained more confidence, fitness and to look forward to Pilates I was hooked

Carmel over the past 2 years you have always been firm yet patient with me, I trusted your advice, and have reaped the benefits. My reconstructed ankle I now walk without pain, getting up and down from low chairs without assistance, walking up and down stairs, my breathing and core strength greatly improved one could say a whole new me. Best of all I can last the one hour class. I am a Pilate’s convert and will never give it up. Plus I fit into gym gear! Carmel, you make our classes interesting you surprise us with something different and there is always time for a laugh. I am just shy of becoming 65years old, and in my personal opinion is one is never too old to begin Pilates!

Thank you once again Carmel for the new me.

Susan Porter

I started reformer Pilates with Carmel last year joining a friend who had started classes. I had been struggling to find a form of exercise I could manage after injuries and a hip and knee replacement. I loved the reformer as getting up and down off the ground was difficult, I started noticing benefits after a few sessions and the classes were friendly and fun. After about three months my strength and flexibility had noticeably improved and my body shape, tone and posture had also improved. I increased my classes to three times a week and really reaped the benefits. It was such a buzz when I was able to do things I hadn't been able to manage for years. I can know get up and down off the floor with ease and I can even kneel again. I'm a convert and Pilates is now part of my life.

Alex, 53

I have been attending Melbourne Pilates Group for four years now. I have suffered with back pain my whole life, after sustaining a disc injury in my early twenties. For years my wife put up with me complaining about my back and because the muscles were so weak, I often re-injured the area, just by doing simple tasks like bending and lifting, causing me to end up in bed.

The final straw was when my young son asked me why I was always in bed with a bad back. A search on the web found Carmel’s Pilates classes and with so many times and locations it was easy to pick a class that suited. Carmel made sure that the class - I now religiously attend - was easy for me to do and at my own pace. When I first started, I couldn’t even touch my toes, but over the years she has gradually pushed me, and I have learnt to listen to my body and now my flexibility has been the best it has ever been.

For me, my increased core muscle strength is the most important result I have achieved. I find now that the core muscle group automatically switches on even when I’m sitting at work, or working in the yard, or doing other exercise. I find I can now bend and lift fairly heavy items without fear of injury due to the massive improvement in my lower back strength. I would recommend Melbourne Pilates Group to anyone who wants to improve their flexibility, fitness and core strength!

Darren, 44

In 2012 I had a full hip replacement.  As part of my rehab, I had one on one Reformer sessions and quickly gained strength and tone. The mistake I made was reverting to my previous sport specific exercise regime once I felt I was in reasonable shape.

In mid 2014 I suffered a labral tear and resigned myself to a replacement of my remaining natural hip. Unfortunately this did not go well and the new joint failed resulting in the unusual situation of me having had three hip replacements in two years!

Because I had suffered two painful dislocations, my core strength was poor and further the extended period of restricted activity had weakened me generally.

In early 2015 I discussed my rehab prospects with Collette.  I began Reformer in March and her recommendation was to attend two classes a week combined with some aerobic work, in my case mainly cycling & spin.

Six months later I am in great shape with much improved strength and flexibility.  This time round I have learnt from my mistake of two years ago and intend to continue with Pilates long term.

My experience is that Reformer offers the best post op rehab and general fitness option.  Whilst there are naturally many benefits from many other workout routines, Pilates gives you an all over workout that can be so readily tailored to your pace of recovery.

I can wholeheartedly endorse Pilates for middle aged men and cannot thank Collette enough for steering me through!


Since I have discovered Carmel Lui’s Pilates Classes (I have attended both Mat & the Reformer classes) I have not looked back, I am addicted to Carmel’s classes!!Through Carmel’s expert and qualified instruction I have seen improved results in my flexibility, strength and general well-being .I have watched my body change and tone and I feel younger than my 44 Years’. Carmel is warm and generous with her instruction. Her happy & enthusiastic personality is contagious and even on the mornings or nights that I feel extra tired I still get up and return to her classes.

I can highly recommend Carmel for a Pilates experience that we keep you moving and motivated to continue each week.


When a physio told me I should start Pilates to help with my dodgy back, I resisted.

I liked active sports and Pilates sounded so boring. I did try a few studios but found them uninspiring and didn’t continue. Luckily a friend recommended Carmel.

She was professional, down to earth, caring and could make me laugh: she kept me interested until i was actually able to discover my stomach muscles, my back improved and the benefits of Pilates itself motivated me to keep going.

Three years later, my dodgy back hasn’t reemerged and i love Pilates. Thanks so much Carmel


After suffering from lower back and sciatic pain for over ten years with only temporary relief provided from chiropractic treatments, massage and anti-inflammatory’s, I decided to try something different. I started Carmel’s classes 2 years ago and within 2 months of mat classes to my surprise the pain was gone. I then decided to incorporate a reformer class to help increase core strength and muscle tone. The combination of both mat and reformer classes has exceeded any expectations I had. I could not be happier with the result, as for the first time in my life I have muscle tone and eliminated the pain. Carmel is a friendly instructor whom is energetic, committed and inspiring, she is always motivating and actively assists others with achieving their personal goals. Thankyou Carmel


We have been attending Carmel's Pilates classes since 2004. Regular weekly classes have improved our flexibility, strength and overall fitness.

We find that with Carmel's expert instruction and demonstration, these classes are always enjoyable yet challenging.

A Pilates class with Carmel is one of the most beneficial hours of your week!

Jo & Greg Bowden

I am a devotee of Pilates and have been attending two classes per week with Carmel for approximately eight years – one fit ball and the other a floor class.

Apart from the social enjoyment, the benefits of these classes for me include a feeling of well being, good posture, body awareness, good muscle tone and I always leave the class feeling more energised. I would recommend Pilates Precision to anyone who wishes to enjoy the above mentioned benefits.

Lyn @ Carindale

Pilates Mat Class
Pilates Mat Class

I am a 60 year old male and have participated in Carmel’s Pilates classes for five years.     Pilates has enabled me to rid myself of lower back pain, and given me a general feeling of well being.  

I feel longer, leaner and much more flexible and wished I had discovered Pilates many years earlier.     I highly recommend Pilates Precision to all.


After a hectic day at work, it’s great to go to Pilates and switch off while concentrating on your mind-body connection.  It really helps to clear your head and relax you.

Carmel offers different skill levels in her classes so you can work as hard as you like – I try to give the harder levels a try and am surprised at how quickly I have progressed.

Two terms of Pilates with Carmel coupled with a balanced diet has transformed my body – I can’t believe the difference that it has made!  After two children, I never thought that I would have a flat stomach again – thanks Carmel – I feel 10 years younger!”

Jodie (41yo)

Pilates Mat ClassThis is will be my fourth year coming to Melbourne Pilates Group and working with both Carmel and Karen. Both are exceptionally professional and show concern for your individual well-being during Pilates as well as knowing you well enough to push you further each week.

I love seeing the changes in my body after I come week after week - particularly in relation to my flexibilty, strength and precision with particular Pilates moves. For me just one class a week is enough to keep me feeling strong and toned and it is a credit to the attention to detail you gain from both Karen and Carmel's classes.

I thoroughly enjoy coming to this little community of lovers of Pilates and feel healthier and stronger for coming each week - Pilates has become part of my life and what I do.


I had thought that a drooping posture, flabby tum and exhausted walk were a natural part of ageing but I was wrong. Because of Pilates, I am healthier, stronger and more energetic than I have been for many years. I have also lost my stooping posture, I move with a lot more energy and have lost both weight and inches on my tummy, legs and butt.

Pilates Mat ClassI have now been enjoying Pilates with Carmel at Melbourne Pilates Group for 7 years. Carmel has a great sense of humour, the classes are fun and exercise both mind and body. Sometimes people who have a great skill cannot teach it, but Carmel is an accomplished Pilates practitioner and a gifted teacher. I am not well co-ordinated but due to Carmel’s teaching am able to do the Pilates exercises properly with strength and grace.

The participants in the 2 classes that I go to each week cover the whole spectrum of fitness, flexibility and strength but all levels benefit from Carmel’s teaching. She is always positive and coaches each person to work to the best of their ability.

I am sure you will also enjoy Pilates with Carmel and reap the health benefit.

Jill (63yo)

I am 53, work full-time, and have had minor back and neck issues for some time.

I began Pilates with Carmel about a year ago and hve been able to improve my flexibility and build strength and co-ordination as a result.

The classes are enjoyable and I have met many lovely people as a result of attending.


Pilates Mat Class

We initially started Pilates due to a few aches and pains, particularly in the back region.

Since then we have not suffered back ache.

Doing Pilates has helped strengthen and tone many muscles, especially in our abdomen and back muscles.

Pilates Mat ClassCarmel's classes are enjoyable, interesting and a non-competitive workout.

She is a good motivator, is encouraging and ensures that the correct movements is achieved at all times.

Thanks for the classes Carmel and we'll see you next term.

Emma & Zee

I originally joined Carmel's Pilates to improve my osteoperosis. After a couple of months I noticed that a niggling backache had disappeared.

I enjoyed the classes so much and felt a real improvement health wise that once a week was not enough. It's now become a priority for me to attend my 2 weekly classes.

My flexibility and core strength have increased as has my overall wellbeing.

Carmel takes a genuine interest in the health of each client and although there may be up to 20 people in the class I feel she gives us individual attention.

Carmel is well trained in her profession and regularly undertakes courses to update her skills. I have complete confidence in Carmel's ability to provide the best Pilates has to offer.


Stiff neck in the morning, headaches by late evening and general muscle soreness, sounds like you! I was experiencing these symptoms and decided to give Pilates a go, after reading about the benefits of this form of exercise.

After two terms of Pilates with Carmel l have noticed results. There have been improvements in my overall strength and flexibility, as well as developing stronger abdominal muscles.

Carmel's competent and conscientious manner, together with her bright personality are real assets in motivating and encouraging all participants. The small group instruction offered by Carmel is excellent as it gives all participants access to individualised attention where necessary.

Regardless of your age or fitness level, give Pilates a go and enjoy the positive and rewarding experience.

Thank you CARMEL!!!!!

Craig Harrison

I have never been able to touch my toes!!! Pilates with Carmel not only has given me this ability but and immediate sense of wellbeing.

Every night I leave Pilates, I feel on a natural high. I'm taller, more flexible and smile with content and amazement at how wonderful I feel.

Thank you Carmel for getting me closer to a six-pack, and this wonderful opportunity.


After being diagnosed with scoliosis as a child, then followed by a car accident which caused whip lash in early adulthood, my life seemed destined for continual back and neck pain and the taking of analgesics.

Since taking up Pilates, my mobility and flexibility have increased significantly and my back muscles have been strengthened. My earlier back and neck pain is a thing of the past and I have said goodbye to analgesics!

Gayle K

Pilates Mat Class

As I was approaching my twilight years, I noticed a decline in my flexibility and fitness. I considered joining an exercise program, but was too embarrassed about my lack of co-ordination and fitness. After talking with Carmel, I decided to give Pilates a try.

Carmel, with her beautiful smile, gentle voice and positive way of running a class has been able to encourage and motivate me to extend myself way beyond my expected limits. I look forward to my class each week and have definitely noticed a big improvement in my overall fitness and energy levels.

Thank you Carmel!!!!!!


Pilates Mat ClassI had initially read about Pilates around 5 years ago. I found a class and went along however I didn’t like it and was really disappointed as I thought it would be something that I would love. Thankfully a friend recommended Carmel Lui to me and I haven’t looked back. I have been doing Pilates through Carmel for just over 2 years and truly love it. The classes, like Carmel, are welcoming, encouraging and totally inspirational.

For me the benefits have been a change in my body shape, better posture, stronger in mind and body and an ever growing circle of friendship with the other people coming along to the classes. I am so grateful to have found a form of exercise that I benefit now from and if I continue [and I will] can still do in 10 years time!

For the past 8 months I have also been doing a class with Chris. Whilst their classes are a slightly different style, they are amazing as well. You walk out of a class with more body awareness and I think I even feel taller! I leave their classes with a sense of achievement and enjoyment and that is simply a credit to these two inspirational instructors.

Thank you as always.


To improve my poor abdominal core strength, it was recommended by my doctor (about three years ago) to try Pilates. A friend mentioned Carmel’s classes, so I started going once a week.

It wasn’t long before I felt a marked improvement. Believing more is better, I decided to try going twice a week.

This has resulted in a substantial increase in my core strength, flexibility and my overall sense of feeling good.

The classes are very enjoyable as Carmel is full of enthusiasm and encourages everyone to extend themselves and achieve real benefit.

I would highly recommend giving Pilates a go with Carmel.

Lynette (48yrs)

I have been attending Carmel's classes for about 4 years now and have enjoyed every class. This year I have been attending two classes per week and have felt my body becoming stronger and more flexible.

I leave the class feeling rejuvenated and energised.

Pilates Mat ClassCarmel is a great teacher, keeping me motivated and encouraging me to work harder and do things I didn't think I was capable of.

Thanks Carmel.


I first met Carmel 10 years ago when I attended her Pilates classes – I loved her classes then and I still love them. She is as enthusiastic now as she was then. She keeps my body strong and flexible and at 58 that’s absolutely essential for my bones and quality of life. Pilates is the last thing that I would give up. I’ve been attending 2 classes per week for most of the year and have felt the benefits.

I attend Chris’s class on Wednesday and Carmel’s on Saturday – I really try not to let anything get in the way of these classes. 2 classes per week is an investment in my health – having practiced 1 class per week for some time, I can feel the benefits of 2 and would not like to have to go back to just 1 class per week – I am a great believer in holistic health – keep yourself well and you don’t need the doctor!!

Not only is Pilates good for your bones and strength, it also keeps you in touch with your breath – very important for immunity. Carmel and Christine are my health professionals. If I have a niggle, they are the first people I turn to for advice.

I can’t recommend strongly enough, the benefits of a quality Pilates class. There are many Pilates classes around however, it is essential to find a pure Pilates class. Carmel and Chris provide this with their strong background in fitness, rehabilitation and physiology.

I expect high quality and they give it. (No I’m not related to either girls!!) I have introduced my girls to Pilates and they are converts. We have all seen the benefits and feel great having a strong body and good flexibility.

Both Carmel and Christine make our classes fun; they have a cheeky sense of humour and involve all participants. No matter the size of the class, they keep an eye on everyone and cater for all levels easily. I can’t speak highly enough of the quality of Carmel and Chris’s classes and I would encourage anyone considering taking up Pilates, to try a class – it’s fun and so good for you. Carmel’s Pilates is safe fun fitness!

Jenny (Susie and Tina)

As a former physiotherapist I understand how vital it is to maintain muscle strength and flexibility as I get older. Diagnosed with general osteoarthritis some years ago,I found difficulty with exercise at times. Both my daughters had been attending Melbourne Pilates Group for some time and convinced me to try a class.

Six years on I am a convert, having found Pilates great for not only maintaining my strength and flexibility but for improving them,especially core strength, so vital for posture and a healthy spine.

Pilates is ideal for most people, even we "seniors" [ I'm almost 64 ] and the non- weight bearing exercises are perfect for those with arthritic joints. there are always options available, so that one can work at one's own level and within the pain threshold.

I thoroughly enjoy Pilates and intend to continue my twice a week classes for many years to come.

Thanks, Carmel !


I am a 68yr old woman, and though I have kept reasonably good health most of my life, I would creak and groan each time I stood up after sitting for some time or if I worked in the garden, as my muscles were tight.

I am not mad on exercising and have had difficulty getting myself into a routine to even go for a walk regularly.

Since I have begun doing Carmel’s stretch class, I have more mobility and less aches and pains in my everyday living. She is a bright and enthusiastic instructor who guides us every step of the way to make sure each exercise is done so that we reap the most benefit and do not contract injury as we stretch and loosen so many muscles. I can now sit at my sewing machine (pain free) for hours as I do my favourite hobby – patchwork. I look forward to my weekly stretch class now, as I have made the commitment to attend at least once a week, and I don’t want to lose my new found flexibility.

Thank you Carmel!!

Marie Innis